Sound Healing

I am a certified sound healer, crystal healer, and aerial yoga instructor. I have studied holistic health and healing from the micro of genetics the macro of the energy fields that are always around us.

Healing with sound comes from our most ancient roots….From the beating of a drum to the earliest chants, pipes, didgeridoo (yidaki), and bells, we move to the heartbeat of the earth and the vibrations around us. 

Our bodies resonate in tune with our intentions, words, and environment. Cymatic attunement to the sounds around us gives the water in our bodies a means to restructure, heal, and repair. 

It has long been known that certain tones resonate with the energy centers in our bodies, and that sound can be a truly powerful force for aligning our energy to heal on both a physical and spiritual level.  With bowls carefully tuned to resonate with our energetic vortices, made from pure quartz which serves as an amplifier for each note, I provide an environment for healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

Sound has been and will be the medicine of the future….

Interested in a private or group session? Get in touch! I am able to easily travel to most locations in the GTA, and the rest of Southern Ontario.